Mitchell Rodgers

The birth of A Still Small Voice (SSV) came during one of the more difficult years I had. In 2014 I encountered numerous deaths of friends and family members. It seemed that one tragedy led to another, and they grew closer and closer to my heart. I was buried in loneliness, anger, and confusion underneath a mask of strength and faith. I had hit rock bottom. I didn't know what to do or who to turn to. I sat in my car and cried out to God for 40 minutes in fits of anger, tears, and questions. Amidst the silence, God spoke to my unsettled heart. Three simple truths. Three simple whispers:

"I am good."

"I have a plan."

"I love you."

The assurance that I needed, and from this I wrote my first poem. I Love You So Dearly is a simple reminder of the vast lengths God went to in order to show us how greatly he loves us; a reminder that the death of Jesus is enough.

Poetry had quickly become the avenue I used to communicate emotions, doubts, and questions to God. This was my form of therapy. I poured my heart out onto paper, then waited for Him to respond. Every time the critic inside of me arose, God spoke truth in love to bring reassurance.  Little did I know God would use this to relate and speak truth into the lives of those around me.

God continues to speak in a still, small, voice to those that are willing to listen. This ministry is an expression of the things that God is speaking to the hearts of all those involved with SSV, and showcases the multiple vessels used to communicate that.


Therefore my child, pick yourself up and come back to me
Because I love you so dearly
— Mitchell Rodgers, I Love You So Dearly