God Still Speaks

God Still Speaks

These walls stare silently

Back at me

Without words, just empty

As I gaze blankly

Ahead of me so lonely

Waiting for a response so desperately

but there is nothing

to be heard except for my disappointed breathing


I keep talking and praying

But it seems as if you are never listening

Because I’ve never heard your voice

Respond with some answers

To even some of my simplest pleas

So, God please

If you’re really there give me something

I’m asking for anything

To show that you care

And I’m not just talking to the air


Maybe I don’t have the right formula

Or my life doesn’t match up with the right criteria

I’m running out of options

And giving up on trying

Because clearly you don’t feel like talking

If you’re even actually real


Having cried every tear

In my body, I sit here

In the sorrowful silence of surrendered hope

Having given up

After all the exhausting shouts

Of questions and doubts

That left me heavily breathing

Where fists flew into walls and shook the foundation

And anger once spread like wild fire consuming everything

Leaving behind only bloodied fists, swollen eyes, and a heavy heart


Then it came, barely heard

But the sound of a low whisper

After all the chaos and commotion

A still, small, voice whispering

Reassuring me

That He’s always been listening

And speaking amidst the distractions

Calling me into isolation

With Him where there is not competition

For my attention

Where we can speak freely in perfect communion


The still, small, voice of God called to me

He was always calling to me

But you see, we expect Him to speak on our terms then blame Him for His silence

But who are we to command the God of the universe

On the proper etiquette for conversation

When his words alone birthed creation


We restrict God with expectations

Placing on Him these limitations

Of how He should speak to us

And what he should tell us

Neglecting His plan and purpose

He’s revealing to us

Through other avenues

Because we refuse to look away from the box

We think we’ve trapped Him in


Meanwhile he is calling out to us

Through the stirring of His Spirit in our soul

The knot in the gut of our stomach

The chills running through our skin

The passions He’s given us

The visions we have

The conversations we have with people

The prayers that are prayed over us

He is speaking to us every day

In so many ways

If we would just be still, and know that He is God

That he is a God who still speaks.