I Killed Jesus

I Killed Jesus

I’ve got a confession

Because I’m tired of carrying this burden

That’s been weighing me down for years

And you can follow the path of my tears

To the moment of my guilt and shame

That left me in pieces when I came

To the realization that I killed Jesus.


Let’s go back to the start

In Gethsemane where I let sin capture my heart

A few days later and I’m in the crowd shouting for Barabbas

Putting Jesus on trial as King of the Jews then it happens

lashing after lashing inflicted by my sin

Tearing apart such blameless skin

A bruised and bloody wound

ripped open by leather and stone

39 times in total

As if that weren’t enough its only gets more awful


A cross carried by an innocent man

So heavy with my afflictions that he could barely stand

Crowned with thorns and nailed to a tree by my lust and anger

Fighting for breath hour after hour

While being attacked by insults

Poured on by the crowd’s doubts

That Jesus truly was the Great I Am

Whose side was pierced by a spear just to prove he was now a dead man

Upon which the grounds shook and the curtain ripped,

Leaving the guards to say surely this was the Son of God, surely this man was innocent

Murder in the first degree, Jesus was killed by me.


A terrible truth that I’ve always overlooked

Believing I was better than that crook

Named Judas who turned him in

Overcome by the temptation

To worship false gods like greed

But I do the same thing!

Acceptance, culture, lust, Popularity

social media, education, me

All things that nailed Jesus to the cross and held him there

Carrying the burdens that I could not bear

Falling short of the glory of God because the wages of sin are death

Wages that were supposed to be covered by my last breath

Instead the spotless lamb that death had overcome

When Jesus said “It is done”


An undeserving gift of life given to me

Bought at a price so costly

That now begs the question

What will you do with this newfound redemption?

Your death has been pardoned by a guiltless man on a cross

Who considered the riches of heaven to be a loss

Without you there in his presence

So what will you do with these presents

Of life and forgiveness?


As for me, I will bow my life at His feet

In wholly surrender of everything

until his glory is an untamed fire

that burns as my only desire

because the death of Jesus will not be in vain

I will do this in remembrance of his name


I will rise

No longer enslaved to lies

Throwing off everything that hinders me from running this race

Towards His endless grace

Running until I can run no longer

At which on wings like eagles I will soar

Because the death of Jesus will not be in vain

I will do this in remembrance of his name


I will walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil

Moving forward step by step not giving up until

I reach the finish line

Where Jesus will finally be mine

Because His death will not be in vain

I will do this in remembrance of his name


It is about more than wine and bread

It is about the body and blood that was shed

By a man who does not hold a grudge against your sacrifice

Of his life for yours because it was the only thing that could suffice

To bring you from death to life

This is not something that we do, it’s who we are

Living this life by His scars

So, will the death of Jesus be in vain?

Or will you do this in remembrance of his name?