The Beauty of Grace

The Beauty of Grace

Have you ever seen something so beautiful

that it constantly runs in your mind on a treadmil

Over and over again never losing its luster

Always leaving you in awestruck wonder

Whenever it crosses your mind

Creating a smile that you just can’t hide


Because I have, and her name is Grace

I wish you could have been there the moment that I saw her face

Because the way Grace looked at me cut deep

Making my heart skip beats

Until it started thumping again

Causing my lungs to start breathing in

Her sweet aroma

Nearly putting me in a coma

Because Grace was drop dead gorgeous

Yet little did I know how scandalous

Grace was laying down her life to cover my debt

Even though we had just met

And all I could do was stand there

With my heart in a tear

It all just seemed so wrong

And I couldn’t understand that this was the plan all along

Because Grace knew all about my thoughts of insecurity

Of never being loved or needed

Important or accepted

Because grace knew about my feelings of inadequacy

Of not being good enough, too messy, and having the edges too rough

But none of that mattered to Grace because Grace chose me.

picked me, wanted me, loved me, forgave me, met me where I was and died for me.


Grace watched me formed in my mother’s womb

And knew all about my undeserving life yet still chose the tomb

And no words I could emit

Or actions I could commit

Could have changed her mind

Because it was a free gift when she died


She left me alone in that place

With this free gift. A gift that I now call grace

An unexpected gift of life where death no longer has a grip on me

Because grace conquered the grave and set me free

A good gift of second chances and a new start

Because I have been made pure and given a clean heart

A loving gift of forgiveness

Knowing that regardless of my mistakes I can still find acceptance

A guiding gift of purpose and direction

Where I can always find refuge and protection  

A gift that saved me from my tireless trying

Constant failing and endless wandering.

A gift that introduced me to a new friend

A faithful friend that is there till the end


A friend that I would learn was the one that introduced me to grace

And closed the space

That I was constantly trying to fill

But always coming up short never quite reaching the top of the hill

Repeatedly falling back down again

Becoming entangled once more in my sin.


This friend goes by the name of Jesus

And he is the one that picked up the pieces

Of my shattered life and put them back together

With grace like tape and love like glue extended to me by the father

Of all creation who can finally be in relation

With me once more because Jesus walked out of the tomb

And chose me, picked me, loved me, wanted me, forgave me, met me where I was and died for me.

Jesus saved me.


I am reminded of this so I choose get back up

And push forward through the guck

Of my sin and pursue

The one that makes all things new

Because it is not the perfect that get saved but the faithful

And that’s what makes Grace so beautiful.