The Beginning

The Beginning

He offered us so much hope

At such a hopeless time

Enabling us with the ability to cope

With all the brokenness inside

A beautiful light that would shine

But this was the end


The deaf started hearing words

Evil spirits fled from men

The lame picked themselves up off of floors

Dead hearts started beating again

When people started believing in this man

But this was the end


He did so much good

Feeding the homeless

By multiplying food

And restored the temples

By flipping tables

But this was the end


He spoke with such authority

Gaining a multitude of followers

So willing to stand up and defy

The ruthless religious leaders

Who quickly became his adversaries

But this was the end

Through that rugged old cross

They had finally won

With prideful hearts

They had slayed David’s Son

And taken from us the Chosen One

This was the end


The unfulfilled promise of life

Filled us with gloom

Stabbing us in our hearts with a knife

When they sealed the tomb

A dark and lonely casket room

This was the end


Whispers of an empty tomb, oh could it be

That the war on death was finally waged

By a love so unrelenting

For three days the battle had raged

For the keys to the enslaved

This was the beginning


Amidst our mourning

The grave was conquered as love triumphed

And burst through on that glorious morning

Oh Jesus be glorified

Death has been dethroned

This was the beginning



No more death or disease or depression

There is hope for tomorrow

No more fear or pain or oppression

The tomb was simply borrowed

No more loneliness or sorrow

This was the beginning


Jesus, cloaked in majesty

Just sitting, waiting

Ever so patiently

For us to come running

Into his embrace everlasting

This was the beginning

Because today our redeemer lives